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The Capri Financial Summit, May 29-30, 2004

The Freedom Investment Club and the WealthBuilder Investment Club


Ozzie Jurock, Dean Childs, Albert Koopman, Darren Weeks, Michael Lathigee

The Capri Financial Summit
Red Deer: May 29-30, 2004

Sat: 9am to 5pm The Capri Hotel Cost: $397 + tax
Sun: 9am to 5pm The Capri Hotel Members: FREE



Michael Lathigee

Michael Lathigee is the Host for the Capri Summit. He is the Founder and Chairman of both the WealthBuilder Investment Club and the Freedom Investment Club. He has extensive investing experience and has been on the Board of Directors of both PCG Ventures and Olympic Resources which were both public listed companies. Previously he was a partner in a large Real Estate syndication company and built a chain of retail stores.

Michael believes in constantly educating investment club members and the Capri Summit is Michael's idea to achieve this Vision.

Ozzie Jurock, CMR
Real Estate Investing 101

Ozzie Jurock is the President of Jurock Publishing. Peter C. Newman in his book the “Titans” called him a ‘Real Estate Guru’. ‘Vancouver Magazine’ featured him among the 45 brightest people in Vancouver. Global BCTV features him on the Wednesday Noon News Hour discussing real estate trends and outlook. He also writes a real estate column for ‘The Vancouver Sun’ Saturday New Homes section. For the last 6 years, he has been a popular monthly guest on the high profile CKNW "Money Talks" radio show. Ozzie has recently launched a new exciting venture called the Real Estate Action Group™.

He will be presenting a 10 point action plan for getting started in real estate investing: (1) Getting in the right frame of mind; (2) Getting ready; (3) Are you a shark, a flipper or an investor; (4) Principles of unearned passive income; (5) No money down deals that work; (6) What to buy and where to buy; (7) What NOT to buy; (8) Action Plan; (9) Doing it; (10) Economic Outlook for Real Estate investing.

He has authored the book “Forget About Location, Location, Location” and has written hundreds of published real estate articles. Several thousand people have subscribed to his monthly and weekly newsletters: Jurock’s Real Estate Insider and Jurock’s Facts by Fax. Mark Victor Hansen, co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul says: “Ozzie is the wisest money man alive. I love listening to and reading him and so will you. Drink deeply of his wisdom, insights, advice and you’ll permanently prosper.”

Ozzie is known as one of Canada’s leading business motivators. His investor outlook conferences attract audiences of over 500 attendees every time. There is only one reason: Ozzie Jurock delivers more than he promises.

Ozzie served as the past president of Royal LePage (Res.) in charge of over 7000 salespeople, the past chairman of NRS Block Bros. as well as managed real estate companies in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Tokyo. He has served on the boards of the BC Real Estate Council, the Vancouver Real Estate Board, the UBC Real Estate Research Bureau and the Quality Council of BC among others. He is also a Fellow of the Real Estate Institute of Canada.

His busy life found him elected president of the Canada Taiwan Trade Association, served as a judge for the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the year award but he still finds time to hold over 80 speeches a year.
Ozzie has a distinguished 30-year career in the Canadian Real Estate industry. He is a Fellow of the Real Estate Institute of Canada (REIC). He served formerly as the President of ProPhase Inc., the President of Datum Real Estate Management Co., Taipei, Taiwan and President of Royal LePage Asia, Ltd. Taipei, Taiwan.

Ozzie Jurock also served on a number of different boards and associations throughout his career. Some past positions include: Judge, “Entrepreneur of the Year” for Ernst & Young (Pacific Canada) 94/96; President, Canada Taiwan Trade Association 92/96; Director, Arts Umbrella 94/95; Director, Real Estate Institute of Canada 91/96; Director, U.B.C. Real Estate Research Bureau 90/94; Director, Real Estate Council of B.C. 91/92; Director, Quality Council of B.C. 90/92; President, Vancouver Real Estate Board for Coquitlam, Burnaby, New Westminster; Chairman, Arbitration Committee; Vancouver Real Estate Board Member, Toronto Real Estate Board Director; Real Estate Management Association of Taipei, Taiwan.

Ozzie has addressed audiences throughout Canada, the U.S.A., and the Republic of China. As one of the most highly regarded authorities on real estate in Canada today, Ozzie has been a member of almost every real estate organization in British Columbia and Ontario.

Dean Childs
Tax Liens and Tax Deeds: the best kept secret in the financial investment world today.
Dean Childs is the Club’s expert on Tax Liens and Tax Deeds. A small handful of investors who know the secrets to this business have been devouring the profits for a very long time. They have been able to monopolize this business because they know what to look for and what to avoid.

There is a system that has existed for decades that yields GUARANTEED returns of 8% to 50% per year. This secret has been known to a select few as investing in Tax Liens and Tax Deeds. This once exclusive concept has always been available to everybody but has been so guarded in the investment circles that few have ever heard about it. The Freedom Investment Club uses Tax Liens and Tax Deeds as part of our investment strategy.

There are courses and workshops available in the U.S. that start at $2,000US to $5,000US. The experts in this arena can and have been commanding these prices and more for a reason. The profits are guaranteed. This is how the banks make money on your money.

Dean is an educator and investor for [?] years. He has taught more than [?] people and has created a vehicle for financial freedom for these people.

Albert Koopman
What in the world is going on? An in-depth analysis of the world economy and the best place to capitalize and make money.

Author of 5 management books, Albert’s $800 million Cashbuild business is an MBA case study in 27 universities worldwide. Albert is the recipient of the JAYCEES ‘Top Outstanding Young People of the World’ Award by 39. Albert has worked on 4 continents, owned 6 businesses, as CEO has taken 2 companies to $1 billion, consulted to over 80 private and public corporations.

Over the past 20 years, Albert has owned and sold these businesses: Weefix Pty Ltd. (building repairs and renovations), Lanjo Investments Ltd. and Buywell Properties Pty Ltd. (property investment), Compuwheels Pty Ltd. (computerized small advertising), ITISA Consulting Ltd. (global consulting), Infra Management Ltd. (global consulting), Adrian’s School Supplies (school uniform retailer).

These businesses were under Albert’s directorship and management: Metro Cash and Carry comprised of 117 stores totaling $1 billion with 3000 employees (Director of Corporate Development responsible for acquisitions, marketing, expansion); Cashbuild Cash and Carry of 59 stores totaling $800 million with 750 employees (Founder, Chief Executive and Director on Board of 15 subsidiary companies); Trador Cash and Carry of 31 stores totaling $1 billion with 2500 employees; Chief Executive and Director on Board for Sco-Click Holdings and Investment Company of 207 stores totaling $4 billion with 6000 employees.

Albert has been an international consultant for New Zealand Air (Shared Values) New Zealand, American Tool and Die (Process Re-Engineering and Shared Values), New Zealand Irdeto TV (Process Re-Engineering and Organizational Change), Belgium Hewlett Packard (Performance Management), South Africa British Airways (Performance Management), England SA Breweries (Performance Management), South Africa Toyota (Organizational Change), South Africa Lister Bolt and Chain (Performance Management and Team Work) (Canada).

Albert has also developed 35 management courses that were delivered to over 400,000 participants worldwide, key note speaker at numerous global conventions reaching some 200,000 audience participants, member of the YPO, resource for World Business Academy, the dean of Afmark School of Business.

Darren Weeks
Fast Track To Cash Flow

Darren Weeks is the President of Fast Track to Cash Flow, Canada’s leading financial education company. Darren has been actively participating in his own financial education since childhood and is now “financially free” while in his mid 30’s. Darren embraces the philosophy of Rich Dad Poor Dad and host events across Canada teaching participants the value of creating a personal financial formula and taking action.

It was during Darren’s Bachelor of Commerce education that he realized that working for someone else would not lead to financial freedom. During this formal education period, Darren started a successful business, profited from the stock markets and even purchased real estate with no money, job or credit history. He then began a journey that evolved into teaching Canadians the merits of financial literacy.

Darren is considered by many of his clients as genuine and helpful as well as open to all ideas. Darren has created techniques and strategies for many self-owned businesses, and early entrepreneurs as well as creating two dynamic programs, namely “Mind Over Money” and the very powerful “Business Super Conference” for those serious about exiting the Rat Race via self-owned businesses.

Darren has a great ability to create money-making, profit-increasing ideas and strategies in his effort and desire to help others succeed. He gives emerging entrepreneurs the opportunity to consult and work with him on their business ideas, ventures, growth, marketing and product development.


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Ozzie Jurock, Dean Childs, Albert Koopman, Darren Weeks, Michael Lathigee
The Capri Business & Real Estate Summit
Red Deer: May 29-30, 2004
Sat: 9am to 5pm The Capri Hotel Cost: $397 + tax
Sun: 9am to 5pm The Capri Hotel Members: FREE





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