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Commercial Real Estate Tips

  • Building Costs Have Gone Through the Roof
    Development cost charges in some municipalities have gone through the roof. The only growth these communities want is in the DCC. Look, compare and weep ... and build where it is cheaper.
  • What's a cap rate anyhow?
    One of the most difficult and perplexing problems for realtors and investors is finding current Gross and Net Income Multipliers and Cap Rates.

  • 15 Ways to Market Your Development Faster
    Pssst... Hey, builders and developers... Here's a few hints to help market your new home or condominium project

  • Now what is a REIT? And should I buy one?
    The Wall Street Journal reported that Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) owned some 50,000 condominiums in 1991 and that by the end of 1996 ownership of condominiums had risen to over 600,000 units.


More indepth analysis of the BC real estate market can be obtained in our Real Estate Insider section.

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