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The night before Christmas approaches

It's almost upon us (again!) as we near 2013's closing curtain. A good production or an indifferent presentation?

By Alan  Skinner

It's almost upon us (again!) as we near 2013's closing curtain. A good production or an indifferent presentation? For my wife and I, it has been a momentous year with huge organisational change and new opportunities, capped by the acquisition (completing in early 2014) of our next abode. Yes, Realtors do participate in the "rehoming" exercise too! It's important to remain in touch with the excitement (and stress?) of the game ;). On the N.S. the general Real Estate market has been slowly but steadily strengthening as buyers again realize that they should make the important decisions, move on with life and acquire the home for their upcoming phase. Those who bought earlier in the year will be comfortable in the knowledge that they did indeed pay less than those who waited for the stats to prove that buying decisions were dramatically increasing over last year.

A big 'thank you' for the numerous calls, e-mails and comments regarding the boutique model/ website. This specialized market segment, here and in Greater Vancouver generally, is certainly growing in significance. We are especially grateful to those who gave suggestions for improvement and ideas as to what you'd like to see. The kind comments regarding the quality have been passed on and are most appreciated by the 'partners'. Those who haven't visited should do so - the Leaders in Luxury conference (North America) commented favourably on the content (and unique concept).

So much for the Fairmont's and Trump's of the new landscape; existing detached and condo homes also require appropriate presentation by specialists. Remember that the partners are pleased to answer any queries you may have or call me directly at 604-626-2526. N.B. North Shore clientele should have no fear that I am moving on and I urge you to contact me with all North Shore enquiries!

Again to our 'Year to Date' figures for 2013. We now have 11 months of results (almost a full house) comparing 2013 with 2012. North Van detached homes sold are up 16% from last year, attached (t/hses) up from last year by 18% and apartments almost identical to 2012. The detached average price almost unchanged and inventory now down by 16% from 2012. Average prices down 2% (t/hses) and up 3% for (apts). Inventory (t/hses) 116 vs. 151 (down 23%) from Nov. 30th 2012 and (apt) unchanged from last year for the same date.

In West Van, detached number of sales YTD for 2013 is now up by 23% from Nov. 30th 2012. Average price of what has sold is almost identical to last year and inventory now down by 10% from Nov. 30th 2012. On the condo side - attached (t/hses) sold 2013 are now up by 30% from 2012 at 82 vs. 63 units with a 5% drop in average price. Active listings are down year over year from Nov. 30th 2012 by 13% (44 vs. 51). Apartments reflect 146 sold in 2013 vs. 151 (down 3%) from Nov. 30th 2012; with average price up 7% from Nov. 30th 2012 and active listings now almost identical Nov. 30th 2012.

West Vancouver and North Vancouver continue with solid sales performance in all price ranges and we do see this progressing for the rest of this year and beyond.

All that remains now is to wish you and yours an outstanding and meaningful Festive Season. Meaningful, as it applies to the kindness and charity that we share with others around us, specifically those not as fortunate as we - then we'll experience 'outstanding' and the true majesty of humanity!

'SnapStats' (what price ranges are selling and which are not) is being very well received. I'm now forwarding the past 12 month trend for not only N and W/Van but ALL available metro neighbourhoods, as many requested. If any locations are not of interest, please ignore those areas.

So, visit my website to see and "hear" the new developments. I continue my commitment to keep you... - the "go to" site for N/S R/Estate analysis and jump-off point for FULL market information.

Join those wishing to get the e-mail version of the "update" and SnapStats - send a request to; phone (604) 988-7368 or visit and you'll be added.

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