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Buy real estate in BC - it's a failsafe investment

Living here will always be in demand

By Ozzie Jurock

This article appeared in The Vancouver Sun on December 21, 2002

For the past 33 years I have had the privilege of talking ‘real estate’ to thousands of people. More specifically investing in real estate. Every year, I tell people why I believe that smart investing in real estate is a good thing. Every year I have to defend that position against the naysayers.

If it wasn’t the stock market, it was the internet, if it wasn’t too high interest rates (will take people out of the market) it was too low interest (will go into a deflation). It was the Government, it was Canada, or it was this Province ... yadda, yadda, yadda ...

Well, let me tell at this special time of the year why I think that you can do NO wrong investing in BC.

Living in British Columbia is being close to being in heaven on earth. The environment is majestic, the climate outstanding, the views spectacular. There is a very special flavour here. Call it the pert ocean spray, balmy sunsets, serene beaches - roses in February and asters in October. There is a British Columbian flavour. A flavour unlike any other.

This is the best place in the world to be. Add to this a special western feeling. An entrepreneurial, innovative flair, a generosity of spirit, of open arms, an embracing of life in the outdoors and a life where smelling the roses is more than just a saying.

In British Columbia much is happening. From all parts of the world people come here, bringing their individuality, charm, wisdom and business acumen.

They become Canadianized and we’re the greater for it. The experience of British Columbia holds these newcomers, transforms them and brings about this curious blend of work and play, outdoors and indoors, East meets West.

What we all do with our experiences will form our future and our destiny. I believe British Columbia is destined for great things. To work here is a privilege. To live here is a true blessing. To study here is a benefit. To worship here is a natural. To love and hold here ... this is paradise.

The new year of 2003 will be fast paced, tumultuous technological changes will create turmoil (Bluetooth, Blackberry, LMN’s what?) and a heretofore unimagined speed of change worldwide will take place. Yet, here we have a fabulous environment to grow into our ‘future best’ with those changes. In fact, our environment gives us all we could want ...

But what about our spiritual self? Carefully nurture your spiritual self, stay or become more inward looking. Value your quality of life in reality, not just talk about it. We all need to come closer to ourselves, discover that life is not all money, not all about ‘owning’.

Yes, in British Columbia you can have everything you could possibly want, but ask: do I want everything I have?

Are you a human being or a human doing? Reacting appropriately in each moment. Learning to grow into our future best. More than just understanding but learning that growth is a road to be traveled. Learning to become a ‘blackbelt in life’ tasting a balanced life.

This is your life. Not hers. Or his. Or theirs. YOURS!

In 2003 live an abundant life. A life marked with ‘great plenty’ in your key relationships ... “Experience is not what happens to a man. It is what a man does with what happens to him” said Aldous Huxley.

Our fabulous environment, a focus on individual growth and endeavour, that and a compassion for others is for me the essence of British Columbia.

No amount of stock market worries, deflation/inflation worries, brain drain, population drain no this or that economic debacle can change that.

For some 35 years I have been privileged to live in this province. For 35 years I was told every year that ‘no one could afford to buy real estate anymore’, young people are ‘out of luck’ , there are ‘too many Realtors in the business’, ‘interest rates are too high’ and every year the statement was followed by ‘I wish I had bought 5 years ago.’ Every Year!

Yadda, yadda, yadda. I told People to buy Toronto in 1995, Calgary in 1996, Vancouver in 1999 ... but truth be told ... I will tell people to buy real estate ALL the time in BC. Real Estate values grow, where people want to go.

It’s the quality of daily living that brings hundreds of thousands searching out our embassies abroad, has people dreamy-eyed in eastern Canada and lets us cope with the dynamic changes ahead better than anyone else.

There really only exists today, this hour, this moment for us to live in. The nature of British Columbia allows us to accomplish it daily. Here you live your dream every day. Spirituality, individuality, physical fitness, mental preparation and faith all combined in the average British Columbian will see us through any obstacle, any possible short-term gyrations. It will see us emerge on the other side ... stronger, wiser, happier than ever.

We have the environment, we have the physical paradise ... now let’s move into our ‘mental paradise’ as well. Our body is the temple of our mind. Our mind guarantees any achievement we wish for.

It is all a matter of commitment. We move toward what we commit to. In fact, the quality of our life is in direct proportion to the level of our commitments. So, let’s commit to a great year 2003. Let’s commit to our family, commit to our work , commit to home ownership (well, of course!) and most of all, let’s commit to British Columbia ... We have a glorious future ahead. Doomsayers be darned. Buy that real estate with confidence. 5 years from now, say ... I am glad I bought in 2003.

I’ve said it before, a hundred times before, I say it at every speech, on every radio show and I believe it with a passion. In the whole world there is no place like it. British Columbia is the place to be.

The Ozzie Jurock 'Real Estate Action Group' 2003 starts in January. For information on you can participate call 604-683-3870.

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