City: Population of approximately 25,000 (2011)

Municipality: Population of approximately 104,000 (2011)

Bordering Cloverdale, Abbotsford and Surrey

BC, Lower Main.and


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In terms of the market for townhouses, things look best in Langley. Sales were actually up slightly in September over the same month last year (27 versus 26 units) and the average price was up as well over the last year. The typical townhouse in Langley, with 1,534 square feet consisting of 3 bedrooms, 2 full bathrooms with a fireplace and a single car garage sells for about $163,010 although some older buildings show units as low as $90,000.

The City of Langley is located in the eastern portion of the Greater Vancouver Regional District.

Within just 10 square kilometers (4 square miles), the City of Langley contains established suburban residential neighbourhoods, a natural wetland of regional significance, parkland exceeding 300 acres, high density residential development, a revitalized pedestrian-oriented downtown, a regional shopping centre and one of the most active industrial and service commercial land bases found in the Fraser Valley and Lower Mainland.

The City of Langley has managed to retain its small city atmosphere and community spirit while offering all the amenities of a major urban centre, a unique trait that appeals to a wide spectrum of people and businesses.

In 1858, the Crown Colony of British Columbia was proclaimed at Fort Langley.

LangleySoon after, colonists were permitted to buy land for ten shillings an acre and settlers began to arrive in the Langley area. Some were ex-miners or former Hudson's Bay Company employees; others came from Ireland, Scotland and England via eastern Canada or the United States. The pioneers homesteaded beyond the great HBC farm and many of them settled on the site of present day City of Langley.

Construction of the Fraser Highway in the 1920s and the Patullo Bridge across the Fraser River in 1937 contributed to its steady growth. As part of the Lower Mainland, the City of Langley's growth and development is affected by regional trends.
As land prices climbed in Vancouver and adjacent communities, industry began taking advantage of the readily available and affordable land in suburban communities such as Langley.
A favorable tax base, a skilled labor force, and the proximity of Langley to Vancouver, Seattle and B.C. Interior markets has made Langley an attractive area for investment and development. The City of Langley issued nearly $20 million in total building permits in 1999, up from $10 million in 1998.

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